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means redefining the meaning of beauty. An amazing clothing collection for women,men and kids with dazzling designs and spectacular style) When most people look at a leaf or a flower they see a plant. But when the contemporary dress designers look at these plants, they seen inspiration for pieces that are works of art. Nature has always been the closest to a ' Woman's Hear, just like a lady nature has an enchanting and dazzling beauty' very unique to its self and let's take a trip into the world of nature inspired designs with our fashion world named Kharati's


Welcome to the world of Kharati's clothing for women, men and kids. Name Kharati's has become synonym for colors and excitement about fashion. With each step in this world of fashion, you will feel more & more contentment of your fashion curiosity.

OSCAR WILDE rightly said once, "Fashion is a form of ugliness, so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months". So true....... not only fashion but anything constant loses its value in a very short while. And second nature of Kharati's is constant change in fashion.

Adoption is important because trends change and so do people. The theme of Kharati's is a fresh concept and instilled some action, style and drama in the spirit of our fashion world. We are always on the way of discovering and undiscovering the whole concept of fashion, the amalgamation of glamour, bling, sophistication, crudeness and creativity makes the fashion world what it is!

And so in the most tasteful manner, we created the intricate delicacy of our fashion experts to recognize the free spirited designer neophytes of today. From picking up view points of creative mater-heads. From examining the color the season for the bride and bridegroom in the fashion trends, we have created yours wardrobe testes at Kharati's

So, here it is.......! And the Kharati's with its fashion world is jumping on the stands as the wedding season is in full swing. The comforting season of winter is in the chic mode of weddings is springing out a unique factor of joy. And let we tell you the definition, the definition of fashion - Fashion is primarily a matter of instinct, what say?

About Kharati

Kharati's is an exclusive house of ethnic and casual wear of suits, kurtis, sarees, lehengas, westerns, and Indo-westerns, for women as well as high scale range of casuals and formals for men. Kharat's brings the finest and designer range of women clothing. To keep up with times and produce the finest. Kharati's been equipped its manufacturing with latest machines and state of art infrastructure. In addition we house talented designers whose expertise and international sense of dressing blends with home grown artists and weavers. A team of highly skilled persons keep the tradition of producing inspiring quality alive. The clothing of PURPLE has been designed in view of Indian ethnic fashion. Indian fashion of clothing is popular in the whole world. Every fabric express its own definition of color and design. So, it is a great job for a new coming fabric that how it should be designed. the team of Kharati's has been trained from Indias leading fashion designers, who have great experience in this matter. This is the reason why Kharati's are so established. Kharati's is designed as per the tastes of all the women and men of different ages as per their tastes of colors and designs.

Participation in Fashion

Kharati's has sponsored the Miss P.T.C. Punjabi 2009 show organized by the most popular channel of Punjab media. Of course Yes the P.T.C. channel. This was a reality show. This show was organized for the purpose to chose the upper most talent with beauty of Punjab and the three Punjaban girls were chosen as 2nd runner up,1st runner up, and the Miss P.T.C. Punjabi 2009. of course as without brain beauty is useless similarly beauty can be expressed only by perfect dress ups. And to choose perfection all types of dress rounds were performed. In the all rounds dresses like Punjabi suits ,westerns, Indo-Westerns, Lehengas, Sarees, etc. were Sponsored by Kharati's only and now you can answer the question why the P.T.C. selected the Kharati's only to decorate its wardrobe for the show. Really, the answer is only our perfect choice about your taste.

Product Range

With the Indian Fashion industry unzipped fashion designers have a plathera of opportunities showered on them. Amongest all this hush-bush of fashion market the Kharati's is a breath of fresh air. Kharati's keeps offering outstanding product lines through its retail outlets to meet today's women's and men's demands of style, uniqueness and variety . Kharati's has wide Product range
  • Sarees
  • Salwar Kameez
  • Pajami suits
  • Bridal Lehengas
  • Evening gowns
  • Westerns & Indo-Westerns
  • Kurtis
  • Sherwani
  • Achkan
  • Dhoti Kurta
  • Churidar Kurta
  • Corporate & Designer Suite
  • Casual Coats
  • Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Ties
  • Stoles
  • Accessories
  • And all casual wears of different brands
So, Kharati’s presents a fabulous ensambles of ghagras , sarees and salwar suits that are simply divine .Here is your chance to worship your beauty and enhance it with attractive choices available exclusively at Kharati’s


Walk in to the sanctum of sarees and rediscover your charm.


A wedding in the family leaves most of us Indian woman hysterical about what to wear but worry not the sumptuous garment 'Desi Lehenga' is on its high again. Not only does it make the 'DULHA' drool over it captures the attention of entire 'BARATI BRIGADE'. Kali Lehengas, Fish Cut, Lehengas are also in trend.


The perfect look is what everyone yearns for. While traditional is the perfect look for the wedding ceremony this too is definite that COMPROMISE ON STYLE AND FASHION IS A SIN. The fusion of our Indo-Western has truly touched the very Indian Lehenga Choli too. The fusion fads have taken the fashion world in their stride and Kharati's words on that........... 'What's the harm, when it looks so dam good !


Only the one line is sufficient for our Suits that fire meets ice in Kharati's stunning collection of formal and casual range.


The traditional mindset has moved from Sarees to Lehengas and now it is gradually moving towards an altogether new trend gowns!

Now let's talk about Men.


The Bride's determined hund for the perfect wedding dress is something we are all aware of. BUT WHAT ABOUT GROOM? After all its is the most important day of his life as well! BUT NOT TO WORRY, Kharati's will do what it takes to look suave, stylish and sophisticated for his wedding. Some prefer ethnic, while some stick to the tried and tested suits and kharati's bring the prospective groom options he can don on the d-day and look and feel as splendid as his bride standing beside him. Our options can be as

1. Say it with a suit.
2. Make a style statement with Long Easy Jacket 3.
3. The age old sophistication of Sherwani
4. Taking shervanis to the next level
5. Button's up
6. Classic formal wear and so many .....


Kharati's not only helps you in your wearing but also offers a dramatic range of cosmetics that will improve your beauty along with your stylish wear and obviously you will look elegant and gorgeous. We also include the full range in these brands which are very far from duplicity and are more of originality itself.

1. Revlon Products
2. Loreal
3. Street wear
4. Lakme and much more cosmetic range

We also have diplomatic range in Deo's and Perfumes


We also have elegant range of purses and handbags for women. The range is a mixture of traditional design and contemporary fashion which will talk solely about sophistication. Our main collection is in ELEGANCE BRAND.

Over all Kharati's includes like - 'A story unfolds like a hidden treasure turning every garment into a master piece.'

Kharati's Abohar is one who defines the  current most fashion. Its creativity is such that it could redesign the skies, color the world in its own hues and  make every person around look beautiful .

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